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Note: The databases, resources and search sites accessible from our Members' Area change from time to time, so please understand that this list is a general guide and that some items may not be available at this time.

  • One of the largest public records search sites on the web. Access thousands of free public records from the U.S.A.
  • Global internet people search.
  • Reverse cell phone lookups.
  • Internet Address Finder.
  • Locate businesses and people, with a resource that is used by licensed Private Investigators.
  • People finder. Another great people search tool.
  • Missing people searcher.
  • Order birth certificates quickly and conveniently. Also, get copies of death, marriage, and divorce records delivered to your door.
  • Investigate your doctor, run background checks, and locate criminal records.
  • A collection of searchable databases that access only obituaries.
  • Browse cemetery records across cemeteries from around the world.
  • A large collection of family history records.
  • Find vital records (such as birth, death & marriage certificates and divorce decrees) from many states, territories and counties of the United States.
  • Search public records.
  • Genealogy site. Search family trees.
  • Private investigators, information brokering services, legal services, process servers, etc.
  • Search for ancestors.
  • Search records by city and county.
  • Locate a County or Federal criminal record.
  • A resource where licensed Private Investigators go to buy information for their clients, and now you can use it, too.
  • Locate missing people and criminal records.
  • Skip tracing, information and services.
  • For landlords and employers, here is a great resource. Applicant credit reports, tenant and employment screening, tenant and employment credit reporting, and tenant and employment reference verification. Hassle-free.
  • Use a great and accurate locate and research tool to achieve better results at a lower cost. Find people, businesses and their assets. Obtain deep background information. Uncover bankruptcies and criminal histories.
  • Online access to the nation’s courts and advanced searching and notification capabilities allow you to develop strategic profiles of parties involved in a case.
  • Access a wholesale public record search system all through a fast and easy-to-use interface. Features include the ability to do realtime searches which are tracked and available for recovery.
  • A background company that does international court research as well.
  • Provider of identity verification services.
  • Locate people, locate records, DNA, etc.
  • Social Security Number traces.
  • A site with the capabilities to search, gather and report detailed intelligence on almost anyone or anything on the planet. With access to more than 425 billion records in 100+ countries, cutting edge access to updated databases, and the advantage of having trained experts performing your research, these guys have the tools and expertise to make intelligence gathering easier than ever before.
  • Business information of all sorts.
  • Major personal and business research site from Dow Jones & Reuters.
  • A site that provides a unique, low-cost way for its customers to obtain information about individuals, assets and companies through public and proprietary databases. Available databases include two national people locators; national bankruptcies, judgments and liens; national property; national fictitious business names; and the Social Security death index.
  • Criminal record search specialists.
  • Confirmed addresses, confirmed phone numbers, address history, relatives and associates, daily source updates, billions of records searched in real time.
  • Authoritative legal, news, public records and business information; including tax and regulatory publications in online, print or CD-ROM formats.
  • Search 160 million criminal records instantly. Get instant results on background checks and criminal records searches for a fraction of the cost of traditional record checks!
  • Skip tracing services.
  • Licensed investigators.
  • A great people searching site. If you need to find assets, a person or even a place, you've come to the right people. If you need skip tracing, professional, fast, and always on time, then look no further.
  • Driving records.
  • For over ten years this company has been a trusted source and leading provider of information that helps reduce fraud and risk. They have grown from the one of the smaller hidden sources of data to the Law Enforcement and Private Investigative industry into the a premier provider of data to Law Enforcement, Private Investigative, Collateral Recovery Specialist, Bail Industry, Collection Agencies, along with other business areas with a need for up-to-date information.
  • Telephone searches, cellphone searches.
  • Cell phone numbers and nearly every unlisted phone number in America! New enhanced phone search. This is one of the largest, most powerful investigative database available on the web today!
  • Skip tracing services and database searching services.
  • A company that provides both Internet and batch process access to over a billion current and historical telephone records. The service allows users to browse through these records instantly.
  • Bankruptcy records, court records, criminal records.
  • Vast information databases here, with links to various state and city records databases. A great place to search.
  • Simple but effective people-searcher.
  • Another useful people and business searcher.
  • Whitepages people search.
  • Reverse directory, multiple searcher.
  • Simplified people searcher.
  • Search dentists.
  • Virtual Community of Associations. Search by professional association.
  • Find the graves of ancestors, create virtual memorials, add 'virtual flowers' and a note to a loved one's grave.
  • Nationwide computer phone directory for people and businesses.
  • Here is a free service to help you find and research contractors, suppliers and manufacturers on the Internet.
  • Nice reverse directory.
  • Business and people searcher.
  • Massive searchable databases of consumers, leins, bankruptcies, etc.
  • Find a person, find a business.
  • Here's another very useful search tool -- an online destination for telephone related tools, information, trivia, and links. This site lets you find words in phone numbers and even find touch tones in audio clips.
  • Business information, personal information, judgment and lien information.
  • More. We periodically update our list of products and services, so check back often!

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